REVIEW: Pulse III Duo and Solo by Hot Octopuss - welcome the 'Guybrator'!

REVIEW: Pulse III Duo and Solo by Hot Octopuss - welcome the 'Guybrator'!

Welcome the ‘Guybrator’

So, what the HECK is a ‘Guybrator’?  

Guybrator is a term coined by the Hot Octopuss company for their remarkable line of Pulse vibrators for men. 

The Pulse toys are completely unique and represent a departure from the usual male pleasure toys in design and function, but they’re not the only vibrating mens’ toys in the market.  We review the Pulse range below and highlight some differences to the current standard offerings to help you decide what’s best for you.

Vibrating Masturbators

Let’s take a step back specifically from the Pulse for a moment to define what we’re going to talk about today.  

Men’s vibrators come in a couple of different forms – the vibrating masturbation toy and the vibrating prostate toy. These are designed to stimulate the two main pleasure centres of the cock and the prostate gland.  This review is focusing on the masturbation kind of vibrator, basically comparing the Pulse with some other options. So if you’re interested in prostate vibrators, read below where we provide a link to our other reviews.

As a category, vibrating masturbation toys range from pretty simple vibrating sleeves or ‘palm accessories’, where you do all the stroking work, to sophisticated autonomous toys like the Pulse. We’re calling them ‘Autonomous’ toys because they basically do all the work for you.  In between, there are toys that physically move around the shaft of your penis, creating thrusting / sucking actions along with their vibrating functions.  These have traditionally been the ‘gold standard’ for men’s vibrators, but the Pulse now offers a unique technology and design that overcomes a few things that men don’t like about the large mechanical devices.  The Pulse manages to package in a small device that looks like a simple stroker, technology that can make you climax without lifting a finger!

The Pulse III Solo and Duo

The Pulse uses a completely different kind of oscillating technology that creates waves of sensation along the shaft of your penis, focusing particularly on the sensitive glans and the ‘banjo string’ underneath the head, creating a stroking, moving sensation. You don’t actually need to move the Pulse to get hard or climax (more on this below), but if you add lubricant then you can use it like a traditional stroker and enjoy the sensations while you masturbate.pulse-iii-duo-guybrator-by-hot-octopuss-box-side-view

pulse-iii-solo-guybrator-by-hot-octopuss-in-boxThe Pulse’s unique technology means the toy is presented in a much smaller more discreet casing and it’s therefore easier to clean and store. Perhaps the biggest advantage
however, is that thanks to the medical technology it’s based on, the Pulse can be used by men who can’t maintain an erection for medical or other reasons.  The oscillating technology causes hardness and the oscillating stroking sensation can assist with climax without the need for being able to get, or maintain, an erection.  Pretty fancy stuff eh?

Well there might be drawbacks.  The earlier versions of the Pulse weren’t strong enough for some men, they found them extremely sensual and arousing, but not always enough to push them over the edge to climax.  Thankfully the good folks at Hot Octopuss listened and have addressed this in the Pulse III.  This adds more power and a turbo function, so if you’re almost there but not quite, you can add a major power shot to get over the edge.  We haven’t received any reviews of the III model yet, but since it addresses the main concern users had with the II model, we’re looking forward to some positive comments on this.

The Pulse range is also unique in that while the SOLO model is designed for solo use as the name implies, the Duo model is actually designed for couples’ use.  The Pulse III builds on the functionality of the Pulse II Duo by adding a separate controller for the vibrating underside that is designed for female stimulation, allowing her to choose independent vibrations.  Why is this a good feature?

Well for one, it’s kind of fun.  There aren’t any other devices that we’re aware of that he can wear and she can ‘ride’ during sex.  If you have trouble keeping or maintaining an erection, this toy is going to enable you to experience mutual enjoyment in a way that won’t have been possible if you haven’t been able to have penetrative sex.  Even if this isn’t a problem for you, it’s still going to be a very unus
ual and exotic lovemaking experience to wrap this around your man and have your lady grind on top (word of caution – use plenty of water based lube to make it comfortable for both of you). Also, most other couples vibrators need to be worn by her, offering slightly less pleasure for men.  This one is all about the boys!

What are some other options for male vibrating toys?  mega-bator mouth in retail packaging red

Larger mechanical options include toys like the Mega-bator or Roto-bator are other options if the Pulse doesn’t appeal to you.  There are also a number of ‘head only’ stimulators, like the Apollo Head Stroker.  

These are popular for their thrusting, sucking, rotating action, but thanks to their size and the noise they create, they’re not exactly the most discreet.

They do have the advantage that the vacuum created by the soft sleeve inside the tube creates a slightly more lifelike ‘sucking’ feeling that draws you in and creates tension against your penis.  

Their main drawback is that you need to be the right size to get in comfortably (smaller to average sized penises only thanks!).  Men with larger than average penises (say 7 inches or more) might find that it’s a tight squeeze, or that the toy doesn’t fully enclose your length, so you can’t work up to a full stroking action that provides a good sex simulation experience.  You will also need to take the sleeves out and clean them thoroughly, but that’s a relatively minor issue as all sex toys need to be cleaned one way or another. 

If you just want a super simple vibrator, you can try a basic vibrating stroker like the Rocks Off Hand Solo, which is basically just a vibrating liner for your palm.  You slip your hand through, turn on the vibrating bullet but otherwise, do the usual.  These can be fun for foreplay, or a solo pleasure session, adding a bit more buzz to the simple act of masturbation. They’re not however going to blow your mind with a full sex simulation experience.  

Vibrating Prostate Toys

The other main category of male vibrating sex toys is designed around the prostate.  There is only so crazy you can go with the design here as pretty much all the toys need to be the same sort of shape to enable you to hold and operate them while reaching comfortably in to where the prostate is.  There are however significant differences in the type of vibration and fabrication for these toys that will impact your experience. We’ve written a whole separate blog post on prostate toys of the vibrating and non-vibrating kind.

There you have it boys, our overview of the ‘Guybrator’ and it’s alternatives.

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