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Finger vibrators are great fun, whether you simply want a little help with your own orgasm or you want to play with your partner and turn them on even more during sex. And you don’t have to just stick to the genital area with these toys – why not try them on your own or your partnerÙs nipples for added sensation that’s sure to give you a thrill? Stroke them across your skin or tease your partner across their body to add a little extra to your bedroom time.

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While only tiny, these finger vibrators can give a mighty buzz, ensuring you have a mind-blowing orgasm that’ll definitely please you. They’re discreet and easily slipped in your purse for fun away from home when you just can’t wait, and not only do they come in a variety of colours, textures and shapes, but you also have a choice of using some of our finger toys for anal play for even more amazing sensations. With nubs on the top to enhance your pleasure and the option to put some of our finger vibrators in the freezer for cold sensation play, or in the microwave if you like things hot, these toys can give you so much more than just a buzz.

Enjoy these sexy toys by yourself whenever you need a little fun, or spend time exploring all the range of sensations they can give with your partner. Why not let them return the favour too, for mutual pleasure and satisfaction?