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Not every woman can orgasm from penetrative sex or from using a dildo. Many women need direct stimulation in the form of a clitoral vibrator to really get their senses reeling. Look no further than our fantastic range of clit vibrators with a variety of different speeds, textures and stimuli. Whaever your preference, from hard and fast vibration to a gentle and slow hum for those who are more sensitive, there’s a clitoral vibrator here for you.

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Try a fully smooth vibrator, one with tiny nubs to give you just the right sensations, an insertable g-spot and clitoris vibrator or tease yourself over and over with our teaser vibrators. And if you love oral sex (and who doesn’t?) you’ll really get a thrill when you try our amazing vibrators with suction and vibration for the realistic sensation of a warm tongue right where you need it, even when you’re playing alone.

Use our fantastic vibrators by yourself for a quick, mind-blowing orgasm that takes your breath away, take your time and tease yourself right to the edge repeatedly before finally crossing over, or why not use a vibrator with your partner when you’re spending some quality time together? You could even let your partner control what happens for added fun, and let them choose how fast your vibrator buzzes and in what pattern.

Perfect for far more than just solo play, our range of highly pleasurable clit vibrators is sure to please both you and your partner. And with names like Shegasm, Durex, and Rock Chick to choose from, you can be sure of the quality, whatever vibrator you choose.