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Suction dildos can offer you the ultimate in hands-free fun. Suction dildos can be attached to any flat surface and at any height, so you can ride them to orgasm. Suction dildos offer you far greater freedom to explore and experiment real-life sex scenarios without having to use your hands to do ll the work. Hands-free dildos allow you to really get into it in the shower and achieve the greatest orgasms of your life.

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Suction dildos come in a huge range of styles, sizes and colours and at Fancy Sex Store we have everything you could ever desire. Our hands-free dildos include vibrating dildos, realistic dildos, ejaculating dildos and far more. With Fancy Sex Store, you can pick the cock you want inside you from the X-Small to the Chubby King Cock that will fill any woman and bring you to climax.

The vibrating suction dildos combine the best in pleasure with the ability to ride the dildo like a real cock. Attach them to the wall of your shower or in your bath and enjoy vibration as you push back against the member and tease yourself to the ultimate orgasm.

The realistic and ejaculating suction dildos can also give you the most realistic experience of being penetrated by a man of any size. Pick the penis that you want inside you and enjoy this rigid design with realistic soft outer skin. As you reach climax, you can control when the dildo ejaculates to coincide with your orgasm for the ultimate masturbation experience.