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Strapless dildos can give a whole different sensation and feeling of closeness to your partner than using a harness. With no straps to hold the strapless dildo and get between you and your partner, the only thing holding the dildo in place is you. Insert the smaller end inside you and then push te strapon inside your partner and take things at a pace that suits you both.

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We also stock something slightly different in our Karma Vibrating Strapless Silicone Strap On Dildo. Keep the strapless strapon in place with either your vaginal muscles or your sphincter and as you penetrate your partner, you’ll both get some incredible sensations. You can also use it in the bath or shower, too.

These strapless strapons are perfect for same sex couples as female couples can enjoy vaginal or anal penetration, and all male couples can enjoy the anal sensations. Add in some vibration with up to 10 different settings, and you’ll soon both be heading for a mind-blowing orgasm that’ll be different than anything else you can experience.

It’s up to you whether you want to take charge in the bedroom and control your partner with your strapon or whether you take it in turns to have some fun with our fantastic range of strapless dildos.

The strapons come in different sizes, too, so you can choose something that’s comfortable for you both and a whole lot of fun. And if you’re one for having colour co-ordinated toys, you’re in luck here, too, with a selection of colours to suit your toy box.