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For the woman looking to experience a realistic orgasmic experience while playing alone, there is no better solution than Fancy Sex Store’s range of realistic dildos. We have dildos cast from real model penises and a wonderful range of CyberSkin dildos that feel fantastically real inside yo. With these realistic dildos you’ll feel like you have a real cock inside you and with Fleshjack dildos, you can even choose the hunk whose cock it is!

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Fleshjack dildos are replicas of the real-life member of the models, allowing you to discover exactly what it feels like to have Kris Evan’s or Austin Wilde’s cock balls deep inside you. These replica cocks could not be any more real.

Our CyberSkin range also offers lifelike dildos using a rigid centre to the member and a softer and natural feeling outer skin. With the CyberSkin dildos, you really will feel like you have a real man inside you, but this time they will stay hard long enough to get you there.

At Fancy Sex Store, we have a complete range of vibrating, suction-based and ejaculation dildos with realistic designs that will take you to climax. The King Cock realistic dildos offer you the best in size and thickness so you can feel what it is like to have a truly monster cock inside of you. For the ultimate feel and texture, choose the CyberSkin dildos and live out your fantasies against any flat surface using the suction-based attachment for hands-free fun.