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There’s nothing quite like the amazing sensation of using a glass dildo, and if you haven’t tried that yet, why not browse our range below and choose something gorgeous that suits your tastes?

Our glass dildos are not only beautiful and hand crafted, but designed to give you th exact sensations you want to feel. We have a completely smooth and straight dildo that will glide smoothly in and out of you, whether you use it for front or back penetration, or choose one of our curved or shaped glass dildos with ridges, bumps and massage shapes for even more sensation. You could even go for our Climax Glass 4-way glass dildo with a rounded tip, g-spot curve, massage nodes and a swirling, gorgeous raised pattern all up the length of it.

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And glass dildos aren’t just for women. Men can also enjoy the wonderful sensation of anal play with a glass dildo that’s either smooth or shaped for maximum pleasure. In fact, why not play together and pleasure each other with a variety of sex toys, including your beautifully made glass dildo that’ll feel good wherever you use it?

Every one of our glass dildos can also be used for more sensation play. Drop it into hot water and let the heat go through it before inserting it into yourself or your partner, or if you’d like to tease yourself or your loved one with icy sensations, let your dildo sit in ice cold water for a while and then play with the feel of a cold glass dildo inside you or trailing over your skin.