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At Fancy Sex Store we have the ultimate selection of double-ended dildos for fun in a couple or double the fun on your own! Whether you want a double penetration dildo, hands-free fun in a couple, or double the fun with a friend, we have the perfect range of rock hard members to get you there.

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Our double-ended dildos are perfect for fun in a couple. You can both enjoy the pleasures of the ultimate orgasm and the feel of a real-life cock inside of you. Whether you want a 12-inch cock to share or the double delight strap-on, there is something for everyone and an orgasm for both of you.

The double penetration dildos can be used alone or in couples too. When used alone, you can enjoy the incomparable pleasures of anal and vaginal penetration at the same time, without having to get two men involved. Enjoy double penetration in the safety of your own home and take full control. Couples can also use the double penetration dildos for hands-free shared fun. Ride a cock each and you’ll stimulate each other to the very core with every bounce.

Double-ended dildos can open a whole new world of sexual gratification and satisfaction up for you whether you are enjoying both cocks on your own or sharing them with a partner. With tapered cocks, each person in the couple can enjoy different sizes at the same time, or for double penetration, you can choose to go anal with large or small.