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Browse our range of black dildos to find the perfect one for you. We have everything from a simple, plain black dildo to vibrating ones with realistic balls, double ended ones for double penetration and a completely realistic big black dildo that’ll certainly have you feeling full and highl aroused. We also stock a wonderfully fun soft swinger black dildo that you can use as a soft strapon on your partner, or they can fit over their penis and use on you for extra length on penetration.

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Made from silicone, these black dildos are able to safely provide you with a variety of sensations. Try a completely smooth black dildo, a shaped and velvet smooth version, one with realistic ridges and shapes or if you really want to feel amazing, you could try our double ended dildos that can fill you anally, too. Our black dildos come in a range of different sizes, so you’re sure to find one or more that’s just right for your body.

Play alone and enjoy the firm sensations of your black dildo entering your body or play with your partner for twice the enjoyment. Your partner could use one of our dildos to tease you and turn you on before sex or why not insert one of our vibrating black dildos anally, while you have sex so both you and your partner can enjoy the vibrations and get double the pleasure?

We even have a kit available where you can take a mould of your partner’s penis and create your own personalised black dildo that’s unique to you and your relationship.

Whatever you need for your ultimate pleasure, you’re sure to find it here.