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Anal beads can add a whole new level of pleasure for you whether during sex or when you are masturbating. Anal beads can consist of a string of beads that’s all one size or that starts with smaller balls and with the balls getting bigger at the end. Either one can feel good, and it’s imply down to you and your preferences. Why not try both and see what you prefer!

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Our range of sex beads gives you plenty of choice in sizes, amount of beads and length, as well as different materials from hard plastic to smooth silicone and softer jelly. We even have a special pair of X glass beads for a completely different smooth feel. Many of our anal beads can also be warmed in hot water or the microwave, or cooled right down in iced water or in the freezer to add to the incredible sensations you’ll feel.

Try the beads on yourself or play with your partner’s pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female with these beads as long as you’re open to trying anal play, and you can find smaller, smoother beads if you’re just starting out, or go for a larger, longer string of hard sex beads if you know you love this kind of play.

Take your time enjoying sex or touching with the beads in and then your partner can pull the beads out slowly just as you orgasm to add even more to the intensity of your orgasm.

With a range of fun colours, shapes and sizes, you’ll be spoiled for choice!