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Anal sex toys are incredibly popular amongst both male and female audiences. They can be used regardless of whether you are on your own or with a partner. And the wide variety of different designs and sizes allow you to access the wonderful benefits of anal pleasure time and time again. But how d you choose an anal sex toy that is right for you?

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Well, if you’re new to the scene and just starting out, then the Butt Plug Medium is a good choice for you. It is a high-quality product, with the right sort of flexibility and sturdiness. And The Anal Baller Starter 1.6in Diameter Balls are another anal sex toy perfectly designed for beginners looking to start taking their anal fun up a notch.

The Raspberries 7 Speed is one of our most popular vibrating anal sex toys. It comes with seven different functions and a 100% waterproof, silicone outer material that glides in with ease.

With so many different products on offer, there really is something for everyone to choose from. Remember, all orders are discreetly shipped within two days from our warehouse, right here in Australia. All products come tried and tested to the highest of standards and we even offer free shipping anywhere in the country on orders of $75 and above.