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Buying Sex Toys online – the Beginners’ Guide

As one of the largest sex toy retailers online, Fancy Sex Store stocks a large range of sex toys for men, women and couples. All bases are coveed in our super meta adult store. As well as the usual vibrators, cock rings and masturbation toys, we have a huge range of strap-ons, dildos, bondage gear, adult games, sexy lingerie, lubricants, lotions and much more!

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whether you’re a first time buyer or has been shopping sex toys online for a long time, take your time exploring our site, read our helpful sex tips and ‘how to’ articles which describe what many of our products do and can help you decide what’s right for you.

What type of sex toys are you looking for?

We believe there are three key questions to ask yourself to narrow down your search:

  1. Where you want to use the toy on the body? There are specialised toys for masturbation, nipple stimulation, prostate play and even vibrators that you can wear on your tongue during oral sex! Rabbit vibrators offer g-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time, but aren’t that great for use elswhere on the body, whereas many wand style vibrators are versatile tools that can be used all over. We talk more below about specific types of sex toys that will meet all these needs.
  2. What kind of stimulation are you looking for? A toy for foreplay and arousal, or a toy that is specifically for bringing you to climax?  There are many beautiful sex toys that add spice and visual appeal to your sex life (e.g. a jewelled butt plug, a beautiful glass dildo), and for those of you who want to get right to the point with a powerful orgasm – lots of sensual, rumbling vibration toys that might appeal more.
  3. What accessories do you need for your play?  Toy cleaner is a must, it applies antibacterial cleansers to the surface of your toy that help to kill germs before you wash the toy. You might also want to use condoms on your sex toys to keep them extra clean (a new condom each time is a must if you’re sharing a toy!). You’ll need the right kind of lubricant depending on where you’re using your toy. Other frequently used accessories are cock rings, or prolonging gels or creams for stronger erections and sexy additions like blindfolds or handcuffs.

So! Now that you’ve answered those three questions for yourself you’re almost ready to visit our online sex store. To help you browse our categories, we have provided a short definition for the main types of adult toys we stock in the section below.

Sex Toys for Men

There are a whole range of pleasure toys for men that stimulate internally and externally from the prostate to the penis. Our wide range of male sex toys includes:

  • Masturbators and strokers – these are basically soft pliable sleeves used for mastubation. They are available as sleeves only, and the more sophisticated options include motorised toys.
  • Love dolls – these range from simple blow up novelties to top shelf realistic ‘cyber skin’ dolls that offer the most realistic sexual experience possible with a toy.
  • Cock rings – these are soft rings used for placing around the base of the penis, penis and scrotum, during sex. They can prolong sexual activity and deliver more intense orgasms.
  • Penis extensions – these are soft or semi-rigid sleeves that fit over the penis and are designed to provide additional length, girth and protection to the penis. Depending on how thick or rigid the sleeve is, they may assist with lasting longer by dulling the sensation of penetration slightly. Many have vibrating attachments that heighten sensation further.
  • Anal toys – we have a section for anal toys that includes butt plugs, anal vibrators and hygiene accessories. Many of these tools have been designed with men and gay men specifically.
  • Prostate massagers – these are specially curved toys designed to fit inside the bottom with a tilted tip that will stimulate the prostate gland directly for enhanced climax.

There is a whole section of the shop dedicated to Fleshlight toys because they are undoubtedly the most popular male brand in the market designed specifically for the enduringly popular male past time – masturbation!

Sex toys for Women

Women’s sex toys (sorry boys!) have always offered a bit more variety than men’s.

This is largely thanks to women having extra erogenous zones that manufacturers can create for, and traditionally, the practice of erotic play with sex toys has (rightly or wrongly) been more focused on women as the ‘sex object’.

Sex toys for Couples

Almost any toy can be played with alone or in a couples setting however there are some toys that are more specifically for couples.

  • Bondage kits are one very obvious example, these often include an eye mask, crop or whip, ties to bind wrists and/or ankles and perhaps a stimulator like a massage toy, or a set of ben wa balls.
  • Couples wearable stimulators – these are toys designed to be worn by a man or a woman during sex. The simplest version of this would be a cock ring or cage, but there are much more sophisticated options.
  • Romance and seduction – we have a range of scented lotions, massage kits and accessories for the perfect romantic night in!

Browse our couples section which includes toys, romance and seduction items and games all designed to help you make better love no matter you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisabne or any other Australian cities!