Sex toy safety: What materials are safe?

What Is The Difference Between Adult Toy Materials?

When choosing a sex toy, which you may well be putting in some very private parts of your body, is it important to consider what material your sex toy is made from?

Well, simply put, yes! definitely.  There is more than one reason – materials can affect how it feels, whether it’s ‘safe’ or not, what lubricants you can use and how you need to care for it to ensure it lasts and stays hygienic.

Let’s take a look at some of these considerations in relation to the popular materials used to manufacture adult toys.


Jelly is a popular material for sex toys because it’s relatively cheap and has a nice soft texture that is quite sensuous when lubricant is added.  But what the heck is ‘jelly’? A more solid form of the nice jiggly dessert we enjoyed as kids?

Ummm, no. It’s a delightfully soft and squishy man-made material that warms up nicely to the touch and is a popular option for vaginal vibrators because of how it feels.

However, behind the brightly colored exterior, jelly is generally considered to be one of the more dubious materials sex toys are made from. It’s generally a man-made plastic material that is treated with plasticizers to make it soft.  The most famous (or notorious) of these is a group of chemicals known as ‘phthalates’, which are known to have negative effects on the body’s endocrine system in sufficient quantities.  Jelly toys have received a bad rep in recent years thanks to a perception that they often include these materials.

Most manufacturers in western markets are aware that Phthalates are a non-acceptable health risk and as such, jelly vibrators will generally be Phthalate free.  Not all, however, so make sure you read the description carefully and do your research before buying Jelly.

So are they safe? We always recommend using condoms with sex toys, this is one sure fire way to keep them in great condition.  If there is any doubt over the materials included in your Jelly toy, we emphasize this even more strongly.  Although it’s probably not that likely that occasional contact with some of the dubious materials that might be in a cheap toy will cause serious lasting health concerns (this is not advice!), it’s just wise to minimise skin to skin contact. A condom or other safe barrier to will avoid possible absorption into the skin.  This also makes for very easy cleaning and reduces the bacteria that might come into contact with the surface.  Thanks to their softer, looser structure, jelly toys do tend to be more porous and hold onto things that come in contacts with them like lube and body fluids.


Much like jelly material, silicone heats up fast and retains heat.

Silicone is much more flexible and is also non-porous which means silicone vibes generally do not absorb dirt or lubricants and can be cleaned quickly and easily using hot water or specially formulated vibe cleanser. Silicone adult sex toys readily transmit vibrations, so the motor feels much more powerful than other materials which give makes you feel like your getting better value for money with your friend. To get greater use from your silicone sex toy, its always a great idea to use a lubricant when you play. Just remember, do NOT use silicone based lubes on your silicone toy as this may cause your toy to deteriorate causing cracking or peeling to the outer material of your toy. When in doubt as to what your toy is actually made out of, Always revert back to a water-based lubricant for safe play.


Plastic and acrylic sex toys are generally harder in feel and smooth in texture. Hard plastic transmits vibrations easily which make them extremely popular amongst vibe users. Plastic sex toys are also very easy to clean and can use most cleaning products on them. Plastic vibrators are a great choice for beginners all the way to the advanced vibe user.

Rubber and Latex

Rubber is one of the tougher materials used in the making of sex toys. Rubber toys tend to come standard in black or flesh coloring. A Lot of toys used for anal play are made from latex. Toys made from these materials are porous, so be sure to clean them thoroughly after use with an antibacterial cleaning soap and rinse with warm water once clean, so all traces of the soap are gone from the toy. While it’s a good idea to use condoms with any insert-able toy, it is particularly important with these materials. and an absolute must if you plan on sharing these toys with a partner.

Final Thoughts on Vibrators

When the time comes to choosing a vibrator, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal of buying and using the toy is to have fun and experiment safely! The amount of ways to use sex toys is endless and the only thing stopping you is your imagination. By experimenting with different types of sex toys and vibrators from our online store not only will you gain a better understanding of your own body, but also your partner’s body and in no time at all you will send your sex drive into over-drive!

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