Five Date-night at Home Ideas for Autumn

So it’s cooling down Australia, which is the perfect reason to heat things up!

Here are five sexy and unique date-night-at-home ideas that make a change from the overused ‘dinner and a bottle of wine’ date idea. Some of these take a bit of effort and planning, but they’ll be worth it to make it a night to remember.

Go camping in the yard

This one might take a bit of effort and preparation (especially if it’s supposed to be a surprise) but will be totally worth it for the novelty of doing something completely different at home.  You’ve all heard the overused term ‘glamping’, well instead of paying $4000 to stay in someone else’s tent, why not spruce up your own daggy old weekend tent into a special romantic love nest and surprise your partner with an open-air date?  Pin the doors back, festoon the entrance with fairy lights, add some candles (battery operated if there’s any fire risk) and lay a sheepskin or furry rug down inside.  Fill a picnic hamper with wine and cheese and cuddle up under the shelter looking at the stars.

Have a sexy board game night (by firelight – optional!)

Adult board games have taken a turn from cheesy-n-sleazy in recent years and many offer a good taste way to inspire you to explore each others’ bodies while having some fun.  This is a great idea if you’re in a long-term relationship and have run out of ways to make nights at home interesting, or are too shy to bring up your desire to try something new sexually.  There are kinky boardgames that can guide you into a bit of light bondage for losing or winning or the kama sutra version which will entice you into new sexual positions.  This is a great way to connect with each other and having a laugh.  Set the scene by lighting a fire, or laying out a blanket surrounded by candles, to get in the mood.

Have a sexy ‘progressive’ dinner

You know how progressive dinners became trendy a few years ago? The idea is that you go from one restaurant to another enjoying successive courses of your meal at a different spot each time.  Well, you can recreate the experience for your lover at home by cooking a romantic meal interspersed with foreplay that has them begging for you before dessert is finished! Raise the sexual tension between each course by removing an item of clothing, or taking a little break from the food to get started on the foreplay before leaving them hanging as you pop back into the kitchen to whip out your next seductive course! You could even turn yourself into dessert with products from the Kama Sutra sweet kissable range.

Take them to the places they’ve always wanted to see

Travel on a budget anyone? Does your partner dream of being whisked away to Paris, cruising the canals of Vienna? Walking the great wall of China? Or relaxing on the beach with a cocktail? Create one or more of their favorite destinations with food, wine, music and posters or use a slideshow on your widescreen of images from their favorite destination.  Maybe even learn some sexy phrases in the native language to create their ultimate holiday destination at home.  This is another one that requires some planning so definitely one to save for when you can sneak the afternoon off work to make it happen!  The more decoration you can add the better.  Write a romantic postcard to ‘send’ to them in the morning reminding them of their ultimate stay-at-home date night with you.

Make the soundtrack to your relationship

Do you have a list of songs that you’ve both lost it over in the past but they’re not compiled anywhere?  The first song you danced to, your favorite summer ‘toons, the song you HATE but he LOVES.  All of these tell a story about your relationship and focussing on remembering your songs and putting them together will force you to reminisce about all the fun things you’ve done together.   There really isn’t any excuse not to now that we all keep our music libraries in our pockets.  Put your playlist together and listen to it together,  you might want to save all the slow and romantic meaningful for the end when you can cuddle up and get a bit closer!

So now you have no excuse.  Stay home, save some money and get hot as the weather cools down with these fun and sexy stay-at-home date night ideas!

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