Fleshlight Hacks You Must Try!

So Fleshlight makes a great product and there’s definitely enough variety in their range to keep you occupied many’s a cold winter night, but since most of us don’t want to spend a small fortune assembling a full line up of Fleshlight toys, what are some of the best things you can do to upgrade your experience for free?

We’ve scoured the web for the best of the best (or maybe the best of the worst!) ideas for you this winter:

  • Warm it up – nobody likes a chilly orifice! Fleshlight have produced a sleeve warmer to warm up the inside of your Fleshlight for exactly this purpose, but to get the same effect for free you could try turning the sleeve inside out and gently warming it with a hairdryer or putting it in between two heat packs or hot water bottles
    for a few minutes.  Too much effort? Got to go and buy a hair dryer or heat pack for this tip anyway? You can get a Fleshlight Sleeve warmer here!
  • Make it tingle – Fleshlight recently released the Vibro, but it’s not that hard to DIY adjust your existing sleeve – just pick up a couple of relatively inexpensive SMALL vibrating bullets and pop them inside the casing hidden in the folds of the sleeve, or if you’re brave enough, slit the thicker part of the sleeve and insert them in the cut (without cutting right through – you don’t want it to tear).  You might want to tape them in place. I emphasise small because there really isn’t that much room inside the case so any larger than a small finger sized bullet and it isn’t going to fit.
  • Create suction – Fleshlight has released a few models designed specifically with more compact sleeves and therefore tighter entry/grip.  The additional benefit of the grip is obviously more tension so it feels a bit more like the Fleshlight is ‘sucking’ you as you move inside it.  To make a tighter sleeve at home you could try getting a narrower container like a sturdy plastic or rubber tubing from the hardware store or those plastic containers that tennis balls come in and jamming the sleeve into those.  You’ll need to make sure the top part of the sleeve is inside as far as possible and it might help to put some tape on the top to keep it in place.
  • Go hands-free – this only works if you have a softish bed base and mattress on top (not one of those beds with a rim around the edge), place your Fleshlight case in between the bed and bed base and go for it hands-free! The mattress should be heavy enough to stop it moving.  You’ll be in the exact same position as you would normally do doggy style in.
  • Get a POV – okay, not strictly a ‘hack’ as it requires buying a product, but if you’re just getting a bit bored with your toy and need some inspiration you could get a relatively inexpensive Fleshlight iPad holder and play your favourite naughty films while using your Fleshlight.  The holder is a sturdy frame with a specially designed case that holds the Fleshlight on the back of the iPad so as you watch your favourite close-ups you can imagine that it’s you doing the dirty work!

There is heaps of inspiration out there for ways to use you Fleshlight – some of the more creative ideas we came across involved rotation with drills or make-your-own with cornstarch and water, but since we don’t want you to injure yourselves, we won’t go into that here.  Enjoy getting up to some new tricks with your old faithful
Fleshlight friend.

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