6 Sex Tips from the Fancy Sex Store

We regularly post tips for improving your love life on our social media pages.  But then we thought “Hey, what if our sexy readers need all those nuggets of lovemaking gold in one place?” so we’ve created this page to keep track of all our great tips for improving your love life, adding some spice to your bedroom activities and getting more out of your pleasure toys. Enjoy!

#1 Have a naughty office affair with your spouse!

Don’t take off your clothes, don’t check the news/phone/mailbox, just drop on the hall/ table/sofa and make urgent love without getting undressed.  Pretend your boss might find you at any time and see your partner in a whole new light!
Sex Tips from the Adult Sex Store - tip no. 1 'Have a make believe naughty work affair -with your partner!'

#2 Get to know all of the clitoris

The clitoris is actually a large organ that can challenge the penis in size.  It’s wishbone-shaped arms extend down the length of the vagina, wrapping up around the pubic bone.  Gently massage your lady’s inner labia, feeling for the tissue mass underneath.  She’ll think you’re such a pro for understanding so much about female anatomy!
Sex Tips from the Adult Sex Store - tip no. 2 'Get to know all of the clitoris'

#3 Have more nipple play fun

Some men and MANY women find stimulation of the nipples highly erotic.  This is an excellent area to spend more time on if you want to enhance and prolong foreplay and lovemaking.  Is your usual routine a bit of a twiddle and suck? Try a gentle pinch, an ice cube or a warmed up metal sex toy, add some gentle clamps or if you’re really a sensation seeker, use electrified nipple clamps to send thrilling waves of sensation through this sensitive erogenous zone!
Sex Tips from the Adult Sex Store - tip no. 3 'Mix things up with more nipple play!''

#4 Using the right lubricant can make or break your sex play

Nothing turns pleasure into pain quite like an under-lubricated orifice! Did you know that you can get specific anal lubricant, lubricants that are light on irritants, lubricants for your mouth that help with oral pleasure and water-based and silicone lubricants, not to mention all the lubricants that have tingly fun additives to enhance your pleasure? That’s right, there is one for every occasion!

Sex tips from the Adult Sex Store No 4. 'Use Plenty of Lube - and make sure it's the right one!'

#5 Butt plugs are becoming more popular

Partly due to a larger number of women wearing them. Small butt plugs are easy to use, generally comfortable going in and to wear, and offer an interesting new perspective on an erogenous zone you might not have tried before. Plugs offer sensation on the way in, stimulate the opening to your rectum while you wear them if worn during sex, add a feeling of ‘fullness’ that both partners can enjoy.

sex tips number 7 - why you should use a butt plug

#6 Simultaneous orgasm is a fantastic bonding experience for couples.

But it’s pretty hard to do! Someone is always finishing the race out of sync.  Boys, you can use some subtle moves to help her along while delaying your pleasure.  Read our handy hint below.
Sex tips from the Adult Sex Store | How to Orgasm together
More coming soon…..!

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