REVIEW:  Best New Male Sex Toys Winter 2016

REVIEW: Best New Male Sex Toys Winter 2016

Top new male sex toys – winter 2016

We review prostate toys, give you the low down on an innovative new plug, and highlight the top features of a couple of 2016’s best masturbation toys. 

There are some common themes we’re seeing emerge in the men’s sex toys category:

  • More luxury – once the domain of women’s toys, the ‘luxury’ label can now be used to tag some male sex toys as well.  Brands like LELO are dispelling the image of mens’ toys as seedy wank sleeves to be used a few times and chucked away.
  • More functionality – men’s toys are vibrating, twisting, sucking and stroking all by themselves! 
  • More ergonomic – from prostate massagers, to masturbation units, to butt plugs, men’s toys are becoming less clunky, more sleek and easier to handle.  New materials are offering the opportunity to deliver more lifelike ‘skin’ feel materials, while the shape and flexibility of toys is providing a better fit experience.  
  • More ‘science’ – there is more thought and purposeful design going into male sex toys in 2016.  Maybe  men are becoming more discerning, maybe manufacturers are just trying to justify charging us more, either way, you’ll find that the toys we’ve listed below are more comfortable and more likely to lead to a positive sexual experience for you than many in the past.

There are simply too many great toys to mention, all our favourite brands release more toys to the market every month, but the list below highlights a few of Adult Sex Store’s top picks from recent months.

Pulse II Solo

At the cutting edge of sex toy design, the multi-award winning Pulse II Solo is a stroking sleeve with a difference.  

Developed and manufactured by the boutique British company Hot Octopuss, the Pulse II toys (Solo and Duo for couples) are stroking sleeves with a difference.  They contain something called ‘pulse plate’ technology which delivers an undulating ‘stroking’ sort of sensation up and down the shaft of the penis.  The toy looks itself looks a bit like a piece of futuristic armour, but is made from silky soft silicone, with flexible wings that wrap around the penis to give a snug fit.  The vibrating pulse plate creates undulating waves of sensation.  Users who have reviewed the Pulse II for use with erectile problems have reported that it provides signiticantly more stimulation and sensation than other stroking sleeves or devices.   

What are the basics? 5 different settings, 100% silicone and 100% waterproof, giving a new dimension of meaning to having a ‘relaxing shower’!  How does it work? Watch this short video to find out:

Essentially, the Pulse II Solo will lead you down a path of glory to an intense and more satiating orgasm. It packs a punch for it’s size, and here’s how simple it is to work the settings: Press and hold the `Function’ button to start the Pulse, then briefly press the `Function’ button again and it will switch to the next pattern. Briefly press `Function’ again and it steps to the next Pattern, and so on to step through the 6 Patterns. This will blow your balls out!!


Next up is… you! Well we hope so anyway.

If you are a fan of prostate play and own a few toys in this category, it might be time to consider progressing to a very grown up version.

The Lelo Hugo is a luxury vibrating prostate massager that promises to leave you a disbelieving, quivering mess. It’s body hugging design is designed to stimulate your prostate at one end, and your perineum with the other.

What are the basics? Dual motors for intense stimulation everywhere. Waterproof to 1 metre (so as long as you don’t bathe in swimming pool, the Hugo could be a very nice way to take yourself on a quality alone time date) and remote controlled with a very fancy little gold plated remote unit, allowing you to go hands free.  You can easily masturbate with one hand and control the Hugo with another.  The ergonomic fit of the Hugo means it’s designed to stay in place without having to use your hands, like so many other prostate toys require.

For usage instructions, have a lookie here:

Smooth and sleek to the touch, I would especially recommend this classy little number to men who are new to anal stimulation but keen to try it out. 

It is not intimidating in size by any means, so a great place to begin your back door adventures. For those of you who have experience, you will love this toy just as much.

B-Vibe trio plug

The B-Vibe Trio and slightly more advanced ‘Rimming’ vibrating butt, plugs take the simplest of butt plug designs and add a new level of sensation by including three independent vibrators at different points on the plug that are designed to offer pin-pointed stimulation at precise erogenous zones.   Add the convenience of a remote control (no more trying to reach a fiddly little switch on the end!)

The Rimming and Trio models are medium sized plugs that will fit comfortably and provide the sensation of having something in there, without feeling ‘packed’ and the narrow neck will be comfortable to hold for most men.

The Trio version is a medium sized buttplug, with three vibrational points to ensure maximum pleasure. The smaller point at the top of the toy vibrates to stimulate the nerves around your anus, allowing for the muscles to relax (which leads to easier insertion). The other vibrational point is in the middle of the plug, which delivers a general rumble inside in the anal canal, and the third is at the base to continue the rimming experience once fully inserted.

The Rimming version introduces a row of rotating beads on the narrow neck.  It’s actually amazing that no one thought of this before – there are vibrating anal toys out there, but none that specifically target the sensation right onto the anal opening, but duh! this is where all the nerve ending are that make rimming so enticing for so many men, straight or gay.  
More information on how it works and what it does here:


It is recommended to use a water based lube with this rather than an oil based one. It’s also shower friendly, meaning you can experience its delights in more than one location!

The Blewit

The Blewit isn’t actually a brand new toy, it’s been in production for a couple of years, but it deserves to be on the list because of it’s growing popularity and well thought out design.  ‘Thoughtful’ isn’t often a term that you’d associate with a toy for wanking, but it’s actually pretty apt for the Blewit. 

Blewit didn’t seek to completely revolutionise men’s sex toys, rather it builds on similar toys (Fleshlight being the most obvious example) and addresses common annoyances.  So what is the Blewit?

Well basically, it’s just a masturbation sleeve inside a nice bright blue twisty blue hard case.  But there are a few things the Blewit does differently:

  • Has a clever push button opening end – the end opposite to the end that you enter can be opened to provide an air vent.  Why is this good? 1. Cleaning – so easy to air out and dry! 2. It allows you to modulate the suction in the unit – if you want slightly less internal pressure, open the end to release the vacuum that forms when your cock is in there, or vice versa
  • Has an ergonomic design – the twisty hard case has an anti-slip rubberised coating and narrows towards the end, this means whatever size your hands are (or how sweaty they get he he!), you will be able to grip this comfortably.  The twisted shape is much more natural to hold than the cylindrical tubes that some masturbators come in, meaning your hand will stay comfortable for longer, which is a good thing, because you might use this a lot…….
  • Can stand up on it’s end to dry – the lid doubles as a handy airing / drying rack, so that airflow can circulate inside at all times keeping your toy fresh and hygienic. One of the biggest complaints people have about the similar and very popular Fleshlight units is that over time they get a bit stinky, but that’s probably because they’re harder to keep dry.

The manufacturer is an expert in men’s sexual health and funded the development of the Blewit using an indiegogo campaign.  It’s the only product that the company as yet manufactures, so he’s obviously pretty confident that it’s awesome.  We like a man who backs himself!  See more here: BLEWIT WEBSITE

Xpander Range (X2 – X4)

The Xpander range looks at first glance like just another range of black, silicone prostate ticklers, but this range has a more thoughtful design that addresses a major issue with existing models.  

Like the feeling of being ‘full’? but the size of the plugs required to give you that feeling scare the beejeesus out of your butt hole? Exactly! Many large plugs are just a tad uncomfortable on the way in.  

The Xpander(s) cleverly address this issue by compressing to a narrow sliver that will slide in pretty easily with some thick water based anal lube, and then – POP – expands open to give that sensation of being filled up.  You get the feeling of using a large plug while saving your anal sphincter.  Everyone wins!

There are three models.  The XPander X2 is the basic model, the X3 has a ‘spoke’ design which creates more firmness and ‘twistiness’ to the prostate massager, it also has a sturdy platform with more prominent perineum stimulating nodules than the X2 and the X4 includes all of the above with a vibrating bullet for even more perineal fun.  Each option comes in two or more sizes, so you can choose your functionality and your size!

Xpander is designed to stimulate the prostate with it’s curved tip. Stimulation of the prostate can lead to an incredibly looooong and satisfying, very intense orgasm for men.  Both urologists and sexologists have been consulted during the research phase of the design, so the end product has come to fruition though medical advice as well as sexual insights and experiences.  See a little from the manufacturer


So, like we said.  There are just too many new male toys coming out all the time to possibly cover everything, but we hope we’ve given you some ideas about what’s ‘best in class’ for this season.  

Take your time to browse our extensive selection of men’s sex toys to see a wide variety of makes, models and functions to suit whatever desires strike you!

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