Box of disposable liners for Fifi Masturbator (10 or 20 pack)


Box of 10 or 20 disposable sleeves for the Fifi masturbation range.  Each sleeve comes wrapped in an individual foil wrapper for freshness.



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Box of 10 or 20 disposable liners for the Fifi masturbation range.  Each liner is individually wrapped in a foil wrapper and is used by placing it on the Fifi sleeve of your choice, which you roll up to your desired tension and then masturbate!


About FIFI

The Fifi is a brand new innovation in masturbation toys that is so simple, it’s brilliant! Developed by two friends in the U.S., it’s an answer to some of the things you might find frustrating about other masturbation toys – other toys can be hard to rinse out thanks to tight sleeves, they also only have one ‘tension’ with a fixed width opening, and sometimes, they’re made out of materials that split after a few uses.

The Fifi addresses all these issues: 

  • The soft disposable liner sleeves mean you can use your Fifi repeatedly and just dispose of the sleeve when you’re done
  • The Fifi is actually a thick velcro’d pad that you roll up to your desired tension, make it tight or loose – up to you!
  • The durable outer casing won’t split, tear or degrade – and the inner sleeves are used just once each, so no having to replace your toy with a new expensive model!

You can buy individual boxes of replacement sleeves so that you’re always stocked up.  The range comes in multiple muted colours, and thanks to the simplistic design, will look just like a gym towel or travel pillow folded up in your bag.  Awesome! 



10 PACK, 20 PACK