Loyalty Rewards

As our thank you for being loyal to us, we want to be loyal to you! Our Loyalty program is a great way to save big dollars on your next order or even better it could be FREE!

How Does The Adult Sex Store Loyalty System Work?

The Adult Sex Store loyalty program is very easy! Every product listed on adultsexstore.com.au has points attached to it. For every $1 you spend you receive 1 loyalty dollar. For example, if you purchase an item worth $50.00 you will receive 50 loyalty dollars.

After every purchase you make, your loyalty points will be automatically assigned to your account.

How To Spend Your Loyalty Dollars?

Spending your well-earned loyalty dollars is very simple. While shopping on adultsexstore.com.au as you normally do. Simply find a product that may suit your needs.

When you add your selected items to the shopping cart, you will see a store notice that will inform you of how many loyalty dollars you have in your account and if and how many you would like to allocate to your new order. It’s that simple!

Bonus: If you have enough loyalty dollars in your account, then your potential purchase may cost you nothing!

Keeping Track Of Your Loyalty Dollars?

After each successful purchase from our online store you will earn loyalty dollars. These points are shown on each individual product before you purchase. Once checkout is complete your rewards will be added to your account page for your own records and can be used immediately on any future order.

Terms & Conditions

  • Loyalty dollars are only awarded upon successful completion of an order and an official order number has been placed.
  • Loyalty dollars will not be awarded for shipping rates. Loyalty dollars are only awarded to individual products sold.
  • Loyalty dollars have no expiry date. You can view your loyalty dollars on your account page. If you do not have an account you can create one here and the loyalty rewards will be linked to your account shortly after.
  • Loyalty dollars cannot be transferred between accounts. Even if you have another account in your own name.
  • We reserve the right to amend our loyalty program at any stage. Changes will be noted on this page if and when any changes occur.